Available and at a low cost in comparison to other treatments but they remain a reliable method of replacing missing teeth.

There are two option to choose from … Private Dentures, which have an improved finish to that of NHS ones, which in themselves, are a viable option and the most commonly used.

We offer both options at our practice and a consultation with you will decide which is best for you.

What are private dentures?

This is a specialised product and will have a more natural look than that of standard NHS dentures.
We can also offer partial dentures, which we will work hard to ensure that they fit in comfortably with your remaining teeth for a natural finish.

How long does treatment take?

We will have an initial consultation with you to identify what is the best option to suit your needs. Dependent on the result of those consultations, it will probably need three or four visits with us to complete your treatment and to your complete satisfaction.

Any questions you have on dentures can be answered by our dental practitioners. So please get in touch if you’re thinking of replacing the gaps in your teeth with dentures and we can discuss with you what best suits.

Are there any alternatives?

If dentures are not quite what you’re looking for, Dental Implants can be a better alternative treatment to replace you missing teeth. This treatment may not be available on the NHS a short consultation with us can decide if you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants

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