Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a pain-free way of brightening your teeth and your smile. It will raise your confidence and the treatment couldn’t be more straightforward.

Your original colour will be restored but the treatment won’t cause any damage to the protective surface of your teeth.

Have you been searching for pain free teeth whitening in Airdrie?

At Bankhouse Dental care you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

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What will your tooth whitening treatment involve?

Professionally carried out, tooth whitening is a very gentle process. We fill bleaching ‘trays’ with whitening products such as hydrogen peroxide or similar. Experienced dental practitioner will fit them in your mouth and will carry out a full treatment to the exacting standard expected by our profession..

The treatment can last over a two or three week period and will continue until you are satisfied with the colour produced. You can complete it at home but only when we are satisfied that you are adequately knowledgeable on teeth whitening practices.

The difference is remarkable and especially successful if you choose our deep whitening technique. We use a customised gel on your teeth which is transferred via the moulded trays. You will ‘wear; the trays for about an hour each night for a few weeks and until you’re happy with the results.

Can I make my teeth white at home?

You can of course carry out this treatment at home and as long as you follow instructions. You will have not damage the delicate surface of your teeth. Your teeth will not be as white as when carried out by our dental practitioners but you should be able to achieve a brighter colour. We recommend however, that you refer to your dentist before attempting this work yourself.

Teeth whitening is not available on the NHS. It is considered and a wholly cosmetic undertaking but it is carried out at our practice privately.